Apparently Japanese customers quite liked the bamboo charcoal, so it is now in the cheese slices as well, along with beef burgers made with black pepper, an onion and garlic sauce with squid ink and the black bread.

Kuro processed cheese slices, made with bamboo charcoal

Kuro processed cheese slices, made with bamboo charcoal


Iggy Azalea and Kraft Singles from FoodThatLooksLikeIggyAzalea on tumblr

Iggy Azalea and Kraft Singles


Click through to Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea so see how Iggy looks like Mozzarella cheese. Iggy Azalea


Click through to Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea see how Iggy looks like Cheese Fondue:

Iggy Azalea


We’re Cutting Cheese All Wrong

FSM help me, but I’m quoting the Huffington Post


The facts are straightforward: Serve cheese plate, improve situation. No matter the occasion, cheese is bound to make it better.

Figuring out how to neatly present said cheese plate, however, is the tricky part. Sure, you can place the cheeses all nice and pretty on a board, but how does one know where to make the first cheese incision? And what about the intimidation factor that comes along with being the first person to whack into that beautiful, unperturbed wedge of brie?


From lifehacker.com

In a study titled “Quantification of pizza baking properties of different cheeses, and their correlation with cheese functionality,” University of Auckland researchers used computerized image analysis to evaluate baked pizzas’ color, uniformity, and browning.


Why Is Russia Running Out Of Cheese

One commentator told Vice News that Putin has “taken away exactly what matters to the Russian middle class — the parmesan, ricotta, the French wine — the essence of the middleclass dinner party.”


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Buckey Cheese Bas-ReliefSo a new natural foods/organic foods market called Fresh Thyme opened near the house this past week, so we went to go check it out. They advertise themselves as being cheaper than Whole Foods, including an advert that alluded to Whole Food’s snarky nickname of “Whole Paycheck.” They had a big wheel of cheddar, with a Buckeye themed bas-relief carved into it.  Enjoy the photos.

Buckeye Cheese Bas-Relief TopThe produce looked like it might be decently priced, I didn’t pay much attention, but the cheese seemed reasonably priced. My bellwether cheese, mascarpone was 2.49 for 8 ounces, which is about half the price of nearly every other market in which I’ve priced it, and only about a dollar more than Restaurant Depot.

Buckeye Cheese Bas-Relief Bottom


Thank to the consumerist, we have heard of WFMZ’s story about a man trying to steal cheese by sticking it down his pants:

Eason was found to have four logs of Swiss cheese, each valued between $52 and $55, inside the legs of his pants, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

When confronted outside the store, Eason asked the security officer, “What cheese?


National Cheesecake Day

It’s probably a plot to keep me fat, but National Cheesecake Day is apparently July 30th.

Here’s what cute calendar has to say on the topic:

North America has several different recipes for cheesecake and this usually depends on the region in which the cake was baked, as well as the cultural background of the person baking it. Almost all modern cheesecakes in the United States and Canada use cream cheese. These cheesecakes are typically baked before serving.