Annie’s® Expands Mac & Cheese Portfolio with Five New Varieties

This is super important:

BERKELEY, Calif., July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Annie’s, Inc. announced the launch of five macaroni & cheese varieties: Organic Vegan Shells & Creamy Sauce, Organic Vegan Gluten Free Elbows & Creamy Sauce, two varieties of Mac & TreesTM Love Your Planet Pasta ShapesTM with Yummy Cheddar and Four Cheese are joining Annie’s organic and made with organic meals portfolio.

“Annie’s latest macaroni & cheese offerings are a direct response to ongoing consumer requests from over the years,” said John Foraker, President at Annie’s. “We know consumers are looking for more variety and specialty diet options like vegan, which currently lack in the category.”

Thanks to PR NewsWire for bringing the matter to our attention.


Un-American Cheese

American Cheese” is Un-American. Sign the White House petition to remove America’s name from processed cheese at tillamook.com’s Unamerican Cheese Petition­.


Scientists create cheese from human toe bacteria

From CBS News.com:

Cheese is known for its stinky odor. But, cheeses at one exhibit at the Science Gallery Dublin in Trinity College Dublin come from an especially smelly source — human toe, armpit, belly button and mouth bacteria.

Selfmade, which is part of the Grow Your Own…Life After Nature exhibition, features different “microbial sketches” of cheeses created with bacteria samples from various people. Each cheese supposedly smells similar to the donor’s body odor.



Milk-free cheese made using human DNA strands

From MSN.com comes this slightly off-putting story:

cheese grommitThe DNA blueprints are inserted into the yeast, which creates cheese that is vegan-compatible because of the lack of animal products.

Some of the DNA strands are from humans, because the developers hope milk proteins made from our own species will mean less chance of allergic reactions.


Mad fake chedda

Mad fake chedda


Cheese Solution to French Paradox?

From our beloved Annals of Improbabale Research:

Of the many and varied possible solutions offered to explain the French Paradox, wine drinking is perhaps the most common. (examples: [1] [2] ) But not everyone is 100% convinced that the paradox has been resolved once and for all. Some say, perhaps it’s not wine, maybe it’s cheese?


Cheese changed the course of Western civilization

From quartz.com:

This is the story you’ll often hear about how humans discovered cheese: one hot day 9,000 years ago, a nomad was on his travels, and brought along some milk in an animal stomach—a sort of proto-thermos—to have something to drink at the end of the day. When he arrived, he discovered that the rennet in the stomach lining had curdled the milk, creating the first cheese.


3D Cheese Printer



People Try Vegan Cheese For The First Time

From BuzzFeed’s video channel on YouTube:


Italian bank’s piles of edible gold

This comes to us from CNN:

In simple terms, the bank takes the cheese from local parmesan producers in exchange for a cheap loan. It charges between 3% to 5% interest, depending on the quality of the cheese, and a fee for making sure the cheese matures properly in their air-conditioned, humidified vault.

This mechanism ensures that in the two years it takes the cheese to mature, credit keeps flowing. In these tough economic times, this allows producers to feed their cattle, pay their staff….and just keep producing. If for whatever reason, the cheese producer defaults on the loan, the bank has the cheese to sell on.